**Proofing Galleries are Watermarked and may be shared via social media with your friends and family electronically. SmugMug is supported across all platforms and can be viewed/shared on any tablet, kindle, personal computer, laptop, and smartphone. Proofing Galleries may NOT be printed from; these galleries are tastefully watermarked with the company logo/website. We  go through and pull-out eyes closed, hair in the face, bad facial expressions, etc. The best images are then color corrected and touched up on a case-by-case basis. We're  happy to touch up bangs under the eyes, crow’s feet, scow lines, blemishes, scraped knees, teeth, etc. We want you to absolutely LOVE your images and are happy to assist in any way we can! Extensive editing increases post-production time and is billed at $60/hr (with a one-hour minimum). To discuss your editing needs, please contact the studio at 850-755-2611 to schedule a zoom consultation with a production artist. Destin Photo preserves authentic aesthetics from your session location (ex: skylines/infrastructure), please let us know if can assist you with all of your visual expectations.

(PS. We're human, and sometimes fall short of every expectation. While we can't request the color of a sunrise or predict we'll lose light early due to dense clouds or in-climate weather, we sincerely hope you'll discuss your concerns with us and give us the opportunity to get it right. Professionalism is a two-way street.)

DO NOT PRINT SCREEN CAPTURED IMAGES! If you have purchased your high resolution download with studio print release, we strongly encourage you to read your printing instructions before running off to a one-hour-print-it-yourself-lab! You images have been edited and if the lab of your choice does not print based on our studio guidelines, your print quality WILL suffer. Destin Photo strongly encourages you to let us handle your printing for you so your investment will last a lifetime. For questions or concerns, please contact our production department at 850-755-2611 to address all of your questions or concerns. 

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